Online mobile slots:

Running your favorite mobile slots, we always strive to get the maximum winnings. But how can this be done? Thinking about how to win in slot machines, the player tries to find a lot of tricks, play by certain schemes. Today we will consider the secrets of winning in the devices of weres the gold slots in our online rainbow riches play for fun casino.

The main principles of winning in free mobile slots:

Each slot from this manufacturer differs in its subject and fascination. And, of course, there is no single recipe that would allow you to win the Slot. After all, with each roll of the drum there is a randomly generated combination that no one can foresee. Neither the casino, nor the player does not affect the formation of numbers, so here only you need to hope for luck.

But if you want to increase your chances, then you should pay attention to the following rules:

  • To win money from best mobile slots, choose the slots that participate in the Jackpot drawings;
  • Periodically change the amount of your bet;
  • Run a risk game to double your money;
  • Choose devices with bonus games;
  • Do not be afraid to play with the maximum stakes.

All mobile slots are considered generous. And this is a fact. At us they not time became slots of month, bringing to players a lot of money. In January, the most prolific machine was the Monkey, giving players $10 000. Other devices are also pleased with their high returns.

Active lines and betting in vending machines:

It is believed that in some machines their return depends on the number of active lines. And indeed it is. After all, there are many examples where users made only a few lines active, and then received the maximum wins. With this method, you can win machines. For example, in the apparatus of the Strawberry, you should make the three lines horizontally active and put the same amount on them. The player will almost immediately open a bonus round, where you can get great winnings.

There are values ​​and rates. Thinking about how to win the new mobile slots, the player makes different bets. But the most effective is this way: to play at the maximum stakes. Then, when the bonus game falls out, the gambler is given additional protection. For example, in the same monkeys. At normal bets in the bonus game, we just catch luck, and if we hit a brick, we lose. At the maximum rate, the opposite is true. When a monkey dumps a brick, we are given a helmet once. Thus, we can further play in the bonus round.

As you can see, mobile gaming devices give gamers a lot of chances to win. And you just need to start playing, do not be afraid to take risks, making big bets. And, of course, you will receive big cash prizes.

We offer bonuses to all gamblers, not only permanent, but also new players. Most bonus accruals require wagering. The player should know how to win back the bonus to withdraw money to the account.

Don’t forget about wager in casino online. What is a wager and how does it work?

So, first you need to register in casino online and make a deposit. Next, use the offered bonuses, which are mainly charged with the wager. To make the bonus transferred to real money, and it could be withdrawn, the gambler should play it, you can play mobile slots. To do this, you need to bet on the total amount, which is equal to the bonus size multiplied by the wager.

For example, you contributed 10 dollars to the deposit, and the casino you accrued 10 dollars bonus with wagering wagering 45. Multiply 10 dollars by 45, you get the total betting at 450. When you play these bets, you will be able to withdraw the accrued money. To learn more in detail with casino bonuses it is possible in the corresponding section.


These are all the rules that answer the question, how to win back the bonus in any casino online. But you need to remember that some bonuses do not require wagering. Also, depending on the game, the wager can be smaller, and a certain percentage of bets will be taken into account:

  • In slots and keno, 100% of wagering rates are taken into account;
  • In the European roulette in your wagering will account for only 45% of the rates;
  • In video poker and poker – 10% of bets;
  • In blackjack, 5% of bets are taken into account;
  • In roulette without 0 – 0% of bets.
  • Bonus can be played in parts: from 1 to 4 parts. Everything depends on the size of the bonus you received.

Knowing how to play a bonus in the casino, the player will be easier to use promotional offers. In particular, he will understand when it is possible to withdraw the accrued money from mobile slots win real money. Our online casino allows you to display the bonus not only after full wins, but after a partial.

Play mobile slots Canada:

Note also that if a player does not have money left on his account and the bonus has not been played yet, the gamer will be able to continue the game after replenishing the account, and no deposit non-salvaged bonuses are simply written off from the balance.

Thus, to win back the bonus, the player should bet in the amount that provides for a certain offer. After wagering you can withdraw money or use them for the next game.

We remind you, our players can get the following bonuses and play best mobile slots 2018!